Variable Wattage with Regulated Box Mods

In the world of vaping, the most popular items are undoubtedly box mods. Some people that are new to vaping may be unfamiliar with what a box mod even is, or how they work. Essentially, there are two types of box mods: regulated and unregulated. The latter doesn’t contain any electronic components at all – it simply activates the atomizer coil and connects it to the battery. On the other hand, regulated box mods contain a whole slew of electronics and contain features such as variable wattage and voltage, as well as saving your favorite presets! It works similarly to the unregulated mod, except the signal from the fire button is processed through the circuitry and then transferred to the atomizer coil.

If you’re a seasoned vaper, you will know the importance of adjusting the output power of mod boxes and how it affects your vaping experience. Regulating power and saving presets can be detrimental to the user, and depending on what mood they are in, they can recall whatever 5 presets they would like. The Koopor Plus 200w is a regulated box mod and has a full feature set that meets all of the criteria mentioned above. Suitable for all-day use and long battery life, this mod is perfect for vapers that are often out and about. Check out this box mod as well as the rest of our selection to find the best mod for you!

Alluring Vapors
Alluring Vapors


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