Getting Started with a Box Mod Starter Kit

As more and more smokers make the transition to e-cigarettes, there is a growing need for products that make it easy to get started with vaping without the hassle. While smoking a cigarette is relatively simple, vaping can require additional preparation and product knowledge. Someone who’s new to vaping may need to learn the different methods of vaping, different apparatuses and so on. This can all seem overwhelming, but luckily, there are many vape starter kits available to welcome you into the world of vaping with ease.

One such starter kit is the Kanger Nebox 60W Box Mod Starter Kit. This kit and other similar starter kits tend to come with everything, or at least almost everything you need to jump right into vaping. Sometimes, you may need to purchase your own e-liquid (or vape juice) or battery for your mod separately (both of which which you can also find at Alluring Vapors). As you browse through our selection of starter kits, you’ll notice varying dimensions, power ratings, parts and other details that may raise additional questions for you. Feel free to contact us with any immediate questions you may have, and stay tuned to our blog for more information!
Alluring Vapors
Alluring Vapors


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