Our Top 5 E-Liquid Flavors

The best part about vaping is being able to experience all of the different flavors manufacturers come up with. You can fill your tank with fruit mixtures, your favorite childhood cereals, and even standard tobacco flavors. At Alluring Vapors, we sell a large variety of premium vape juice and if you’re not sure where to start, we’ve listed out five of the top liquids on our site.

  • Hadoken – Created by 9 South Vapes and the late pro-skateboarder Jay Adams, this crazy delicious blue razz cotton candy juice is perfect whether you’re hittin’ the vert or riding the rails.
  • Icicles – If you’re looking for something cooler, this 9 South Vapes liquid should hit the spot with its super smooth vanilla mint flavor.
  • Miyagi – This premium vape juice from Alpha Vape will have your taste buds at the mercy of its powerful plum and papaya punches.
  • Crack Pie – If your sweet tooth is tingling, skip the calories with this delectable caramel Food Fighter Juice that’ll make you say pie-yie-yie!
  • Aftermath – This liquid from Flawless might be one of our most unique flavors available as it transitions from a creamy glazed blueberry donut, to vanilla ice cream, and finally everyone’s favorite: Crunch Berries!

Alluring Vapors
Alluring Vapors


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