3 Reasons to Choose Regulated Box Mods

Many people take up vaping because of the many advantages electronic cigarettes offer over traditional cigarettes. It’s more affordable in the long run, it’s less wasteful and the vapor you exhale is more pleasant. When it comes to choosing what kind of electronic vaping system you’d like to rely on, you can choose between regulated and unregulated box mods, and there really is a big difference.

Consistent Hits
It’s in the name, but regulated box mods allow for regulation. That means you can adjust the output to exactly how much of a hit you want. Set it at 25 watts and you’ll always get 25 watts. This helps you keep track of how many times you need or want to vape throughout the day because you know you won’t be feeling a craving earlier than you expected or at an inconvenient moment.

They Offer More Options
The regulated versions of the box mod allow for more customization options, such as temperature control. Some people prefer a hotter vaping experience and others like to adjust the temperatures for a cooler, more refreshing vape. Never worry about the system overheating while in use.

They’re Safer
Along with regulated hits comes better battery protection. The system prevents you from vaping too many low sub-ohms, which prevents the battery from being overwhelmed and possibly bursting. Regulated models are simply safer to use and provide you with peace of mind.

Speak with an Alluring Vapors representative for more information on why regulated is the better choice and for assistance in picking out the perfect box mod for your needs. Whether you’re brand new to electronic cigarettes or you’ve already made the switch but have been relying on the wrong mod, our experts are happy to help you make the right choice.
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