3 Types of Vapers and Why You Should Make the Switch

Vaping is all the rage among people who smoke. There are so many advantages to choosing electronic cigarettes, not least of which is that you can get your nicotine fix in so many more places.  Consider three types of vapers — devotees of the electronic cigarette — and see if their reasons for relying on electronic cigarettes are something you could get behind.

The Savvy Saver
All it takes is a box mod starter kit to start vaping. After that initial investment, the savvy saver notices immediately how much money she’s not spending anymore. No longer will you have to shell out outrageous fees and taxes for boxes and cartons of cigarettes. With a box kit, you’re set for a while and e-liquid cartridges simply last longer than cigarettes.

The Sensitive Smoker
Cigarette smoke clings to fabrics and other porous materials. You can smell it on your clothes, on your curtains and even on paper. Vaping doesn’t produce those kinds of odors, so you and those around you no longer have to deal with the stench of cigarettes. Plus, even the vapor an electronic cigarette produces is just that: vapor. It’s far more refreshing for you and those around you to breathe in.

The Environmentalist
Cigarettes are wasteful. They’re not recyclable, and they don’t degrade quickly, so they simply stay in landfills taking up space. It’s especially bothersome to some smokers when they only want to smoke for a short time and they have to get rid of a barely used cigarette. The tobacco user who cares about the environment invests in a vaping system that results in little to no waste.

If you have any questions about getting started with electronic cigarettes, contact an Alluring Vapors representative. We’re happy to direct smokers to the right starter kit and to provide tips for saving even more money, like ordering e-liquid bottles in bulk.

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