Vaping Facts

Some say that vaping is more harmful than conventional cigarettes, but it’s been proven by scientific research as a safer alternative to tobacco without the harmful long term effects. We’ve compiled a short list of a few facts that we think everyone should know about vaping.

  • Vaping Helps You Quit Smoking – Research has shown that the use of electronic cigarettes has helped 72 percent of smokers with their cravings when they are trying to quit. It reduced consumption and the urge to smoke regular cigarettes, all while helping them quit altogether.
  • Vapors Use Very Little Nicotine – Some seasoned vapers know that the less nicotine in the juice, the better the flavor! The majority of vaping juice sales worldwide contain only 6 mg per ml over the higher strength 12 mg per ml. This shows that more people may use less nicotine, or maybe even none!
  • Vapor Isn’t as Harmful – Multiple scientific studies and research has been conducted since the vaping craze went ballistic worldwide, and all have shown less exposure to harmful chemicals as compared to tobacco cigarettes. Some studies have stated there is absolutely no risk to a person’s health!

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Alluring Vapors
Alluring Vapors


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