5 Common Misconceptions about Vaping, Pt. 1

Whether you just bought your first box mod starter kit, have been vaping for years, or are still on the fence, it’s undeniable that everyone and their mother has their own opinions and beliefs about vaping. The act of vaping has been both glorified and torn to shreds by the media, and while there are plenty of valid arguments against it, there are a few misconceptions the general public has about vaping, e-cigs, and those who use them.

  1. Two different products are referred to as “e-cigs”

Most people who think of an electronic cigarette, they picture the small disposable units you can purchase at your local gas station. They’re small and compact like regular cigarettes and are more often than not developed by big tobacco companies. The flavors of these devices are limited and cartridges must be replaced after so many drags. Though these products sell incredibly well, they’re not used by the majority of smokers who have quit from switching to electronic methods.

In a vape shop you’ll find much bulkier products called advanced personalized vaporizers (APVs), vape pens, and vape mods. These electronic cigarette devices are much more advanced and allow the user to control various aspects of them to their liking to provide a more satisfying experience. Many shops also sell a box mod starter kit, which contains all of the necessary equipment needed to begin vaping at a much higher quality than the little disposable units.

The media does not differentiate between these two products, despite them being completely different and many claim that the ingredients are a mystery, but are they really? Keep an eye on our blog at AlluringVapors.com to find out!
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