Anatomy of a Vaporizer

There are multiple parts that can make up a vaporizer – and if you’re new to vaping, you’ve likely found yourself hearing about many device parts that you don’t understand. In this blog, we’ll be dismantling a vape pen to explain the different components, simplifying the start of your vaping experience.

Box/Tube: The housing of the electronic cigarette. These come in a variety of shapes and sizes in order to accommodate different battery sizes and internal workings of the vaporizer. Regulated box mods contain a circuit board to regulate the current,  as well as provide many safety features for the user. Regulated devices are the best choice for new users.

Battery: Most vaporizers are powered by lithium-ion batteries, as they are rechargeable and therefore reduce both cost and hassle.

Power button: This activates the battery and delivers power to the heating element (cartomizer or atomizer).

Tank atomizer or rebuildable dripping atomizer:  This is where your e-liquid turns into Vapor. Both types of atomizers use the same principal to turn liquid into vapor; a coil to heat the e-liquid and a wick to draw the liquid to the coil. Tank atomizers or clearomizers as they can be called, feature a tank around the atomizer that can hold a few milliliters of juice. This tank allows the user to go extended periods of time between tank refills. 

Rebuildable dripping atomizers, also known as RDA, have a limited capacity and will need to be refilled often. With RDAs, a few drops of e-liquid are applied directly to the coil at the base of the RDA. Once these few drops of liquid are burned off, more will need to be applied. RDA's are for advanced users and not recommended for beginners.

Drip Tip: This is the mouth piece that sits on top of the atomizer or cartomizer, and where e-liquid enters the vaporizer.
Alluring Vapors
Alluring Vapors


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