Mad Alchemist

The Mad Alchemist was founded out of pure love for Vaping. Once heavy smokers, the husband and wife team of our founders decided one day enough was enough. After many months of experimenting with juices and flavors the team decided simply...We can do this better. A quite magic workshop came as a result and thus the lab was born. Extracting natural flavors, mixing divine potions and perfecting exotic combinations are now an obsession here at The Mad Alchemist. We hope you enjoy the concoctions we have created and will always be experimenting with new and exciting things. We are proud members of CASAA.ORG & are in the process of ISO 9001:2008 Cerification.

The Mad Alchemist always uses the finest all natural ingredients. No artificial sweetners or colors, and 100% safe laboratory grade Nicotine. All flavorings are 100% FDA approved. 

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