Mastermind Elixirs E-Juice

Mastermind Elixirs founders Michael “Harley” Valencia and his wife Michele got things rolling out of their San Pedro, California base of operations in early 2013. Their commitment to quality and perfection is inspired by their desire to give back to the community. Harley credits vaping for saving his life after smoking for 22 years. Gum, patches, pills, etc. all failed, but vaping was able to get him off the smokes.

In addition to crafting high-end e-liquids made from the finest ingredients available, Harley also prides himself on his epic goatee, with one of his long term goals being to eventually braid his beard into his shoelaces. His sense of humor, creativity, and unique personality all shine through in Mastermind Elixirs’ high quality e-liquids, making them one of the most popular juice makers in all of Southern California.

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