Vapor Mechanical Mods for Experienced Vapers

In general practice, you shouldn’t choose one of these mechanical mods as your first vaping device. Normal vaping starter kits have safety features that are built in, while these vapor mechanical mods do not. If you’re an experience vaper and have all the knowledge required to properly use and handle these products, then by all means browse out products below!

These mechanical vapor mods are small personal vapor devices. It is essentially a tube that contains a rechargeable battery. When the button at the end of the tube is pressed, it completes the circuit and sends an unregulated current to the atomizer. Mechanical mods are usually chosen by experienced vapers for their extreme durability over other vaping methods. They are usually made of hard metals and do not rely heavily on electronics to function, so they are easier to repair. Alluring Vapors carries a wide variety of mechanical mods to fit all your vaping needs.

Avid Lyfe Copper Competition Mod (M1P5)
Avid Lyfe Copper Competition Mod (M1P5) Sold Out - $ 309.99
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Tobeco Le Petit Gros Mechanical Mod Clone
Tobeco Le Petit Gros Mechanical Mod Clone Sold Out - $ 9.99
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