Customize Your Vape with an RDA Atomizer

Not all e-cigs are created equally and if you want to get more out of your vape, using an RDA atomizer is the perfect way to do it. Dripping atomizers not only give you more control over your vape, but you can easily enhance the flavor by dripping the liquid directly onto the coils. Our selection of rebuildable dripping atomizers is perfect for the advanced vape user who wants to get a little more juice out of their e-cig.

Rebuildable dripping atomizers can be customized to provide complete personalization over how much flavor you receive. If you’re not sure if an RDA atomizer is for you, ask yourself if you love a higher concentration of flavor. If that answer is yes then these are just what you need. If you’re into building your own equipment so that your vape is yours and yours alone, dripping atomizers are an essential piece to any pro-vaper’s arsenal.

Alluring Vapors carries the best selection of atomizers on the market and all are designed to make customization and vape output a walk in the park.

528 Custom Vapes - Goon LP (Low Profile) RDA
528 Custom Vapes - Goon LP (Low Profile) RDA Sold Out - $ 54.99
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528 Custom Vapes - Goon V1.5 RDA
528 Custom Vapes - Goon V1.5 RDA Sold Out - $ 59.99
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Augvape Druga RDA (Authentic)
Augvape Druga RDA (Authentic) $ 34.99
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EHPro Helios RDA Clone
EHPro Helios RDA Clone $ 4.99 $ 17.99
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EHPro Omega RDA
EHPro Omega RDA $ 9.99 $ 20.99
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EHPro Quasar RDA
EHPro Quasar RDA $ 4.99 $ 17.99
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The Recoil RDA - GrimmGreen x OhmBoyOC (Authentic) $ 59.99
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Tobeco Geyser RDA Clone
Tobeco Geyser RDA Clone $ 9.99 $ 18.99
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Tobeco TOBH Atty V2.5 Copper RDA
Tobeco TOBH Atty V2.5 Copper RDA $ 9.99 $ 15.99
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