SMAX Juice

Based out of Santa Clara, California, SMAX Juice was created by the dynamic duo of Roni Nisnisan and Tyra Pham, also known as the artist, Tyra From Saigon. Together combined, they have over 6 years of vaping experience. Back in January 2014, Tyra walked into a local vape shop in San Jose, California called Hella Good Vapors where she purchased her first bottle of Banana Hammock by RNR Vapors. After leaving the shop, she discovered that Roni was the juice maker of that brand. Not expecting her addiction to develop overnight to the insanely delicious Banana Hammock e-juice, she contacted him right away through Facebook to inquire about a bigger bottle.

Tyra has branded several companies over the past decade as well as a few of her own, and has an innate ability to please the crowd with her designs and concepts. Despite the amazing flavors that RNR Vapors had to offer, she felt that the Roni’s juice making business could be elevated with improved marketing and branding. During that time, Tyra was scheduled to move back home to Toronto, Canada by summer of 2014, while Roni was planning on quitting his e-juice business and return to his previous job. Within a month that the two friends had met at the vape shop, they decided that it was best to recreate a brand new line. The word “smackin'" and "smackadocious" was notoriously hashtagged on Tyra’s social media accounts when she posted photos of delicious food shots. There was no brainstorming necessary to decide on the name, and “SMACK” was immediately chosen with no other options. However, upon weeks of review, they both felt that the word reminded them too much of the street name for heroine, so it was revised to “SMAX”.

Roni serves as SMAX’s supreme juice chef - before entering the e-juice world, he worked many years in bio-tech labs which gave him access to lab supplies and equipment. With Roni's extensive experience in the vaping world, teaching many of the the first shop owners in the Bay-area on how to build and educating them on vape-related knowledge, he began to mix his own flavors in 2012. Tyra wanted to create something new for the market, as she saw that many of the e-juice lines lacked an aesthetically unique product. She was tired of seeing droppers in the same generic glass bottles, so she convinced Roni to have SMAX juice be dispensed in a clean white pump even though he was hesitant at first. Tyra's intention with the pump bottles was to provide convenience for dripping, as well as express a sense of stylized simplicity.

At the time, Tyra was interested in producing big clouds, and she felt that higher VG e-juices were a healthier choice, so Roni spent six months brewing and perfecting flavors that Tyra enjoyed with a few profiles that were happy mistakes which he kept for the line. Tyra insisted that SMAX juices be 100% VG, but Roni informed her that it was a virtually impossible and continued to work his magic to produce the highest VG blends, without sacrificing the richness in flavors. Originally, the plan was to create 6 flavors but Roni and Tyra spent too much time testing the flavors that they had ran out of time to create the 6th flavor by the launch date. Tyra's main focus was to establish a unique identity for SMAX, so the flavor names chosen were intended to be playful and to inspire the user to think of its origin. Tyra believes that products are only valuable if a special experience can be felt by the consumer.

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