Expand Your Vaping Palate with Lost Art Liquids

Forget those plain, boring, and tasteless cigarettes. Not only are cigarettes damaging to your lungs, but they are rarely accepted in social circles or restaurants. That’s where e-cigarettes come in handy. Not only are e-cigs more acceptable, but they also come in a variety of flavors, concentrates, and sizes to keep you feeling great all day long without the need for tobacco.

Alluring Vapors carries a wide selection of vapors perfect for your e-cigs or for other vapor devices. Whether you are shopping for personal use or for your vapor cafe or bar, we have the perfect variety to ensure you are always able to get your hands on the flavor you want. Our e-liquid products from Lost Art Liquids can be bought in bulk or collected individually, so you always have the taste you’re craving.

Shop for the Best Lost Art Liquid Flavors
Lost Art Liquids is a premium e-liquid brand, and their juice is created and bottled in Los Angeles, CA. Their flavors are created to be reminiscent of your childhood favorites, which means you can now enjoy the flavors of your favorite cereals, drinks and desserts while vaping. With this candy and dessert selection reminiscent of your favorite childhood tastes, you can hearken back to younger days. If you’re looking for an after-dinner smoke, the selection of e-liquids from Lost Art Liquids are just right for an after dinner delight that won’t add to your waistline. With flavors resembling rainbow sherbet, peanut butter cereal, berry popsicles and more, you’re sure to feel like a kid again!

Buy Lost Art Liquids in Bulk for More Vaping
When you’re ready to put down the cigarettes and take up vaping instead, Alluring Vapors is sure to have a flavor to peak your interests and please your unique flavor palate. Countless flavors beyond the dessert family are available, such as cherry, espresso and tobacco. Shop around to make sure you try out as many of our flavors are you can. Find your favorites in any of our unique flavor categories!