EHPro 26650 Cronus

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EHPro 26650 Cronus

The Cronus is a simple, yet hard-hitting mechanical mod from EHPro. The two-piece telescoping design will accept 26650 batteries, and will ensure that any battery/atomizer combination will fit flush and make good contact. The Cronus features pure silver battery contacts set into brass at the negative, and copper at the positive, and a floating positive pin. The atomizer contact is pure copper. Like other mods from EHPro, this one also hits very hard! Although the button is not magnetic, it has one of the smoothest throws we've ever experienced. The locking mechanism is unique to the Cronus. To lock the device, simply press the button about halfway up and turn the locking ring counter-clockwise. To unlock, just turn it the other way. A satisfying "Click!" will tell you that your device is unlocked. The Cronus is constructed of stainless steel and is extremely durable. The threading on every part of the mod is extremely smooth. Also, EHPro has improved the switch! It's now recessed into a cutaway-style switch assembly so that the button won't activate when setting it down, yet is still easy to press. The pins are now adjustable with a flat-head screwdriver, rather than an allen key. This mod takes everything that made the original Cronus great and improves upon it!
Note: The smaller of the two telescoping tubes is designed in such a way that it cannot be removed from the larger tube. Trying to force it out may result in a damaged mod. It's best to insert your battery by unscewing the top cap or the switch.


True mechanical MOD (No Circuit Board)

Brass top and bottom caps

Stainless steel body

Accepts 26650 battery (not Included)

Pure silver negative contact

Pure copper positive contact

Floating atomizer pin

Recessed bottom button

Lockable bottom button


1 x EHPro 26650 Cronus

1 x EHPro Gift Box

1 x EHPro Carry pouch


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