EHPro Sledgehammer Stainless Mechanical MOD

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EHPro Sledgehammer Stainless Mechanical MOD

The Sledgehammer is a massive 26650 mechanical mod from EHPro. The bottom button is recessed, making a locking ring unnecessary. The switch is very easy to press and very smooth. The contacts are all silver-plated copper for excellent conductivity and low voltage drop. The bottom of the top cap features a pin adjustment screw and a battery adjustment screw, ensuring that any atomizer will fit flush, and the mod will feel solid with no battery rattle. Each mod has the EHPro logo and unique serial number on the switch, and an engraved logo on the body. Each mod will also come with a delrin tube. This tube can be inserted into the body, and allows the use of an 18650 battery. This mod is very simple, has a great look and hits like a Sledgehammer!


  • EHPro original MOD
  • Stainless Steel construction
  • Silver plated copper contacts
  • 26650 MOD
  • Recessed bottom firing button
  • Smooth switch
  • Adjustable atomizer pin
  • Delrin tube allows the use of an 18650 battery


1 x EHPro Stainless Steel Sledgehammer 

1 x Delrin insulator for 18650 battery

1 x EHPro pouch

1 x EHPro box

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