FuZion {Prime} - Valhalla

Category: dessert

Type: E-Liquid

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FuZion {Prime} - Valhalla

FuZion: I've been vaping a long time, and have tasted just about every vanilla out there.  I love vanilla, everything from ice cream, milkshakes to candles. I've gathered six different vanillas from a variety of vendors and tweaked it to the perfect smooth, rich vanilla that i've been longing for. Again, this is very rich and complex vanilla flavor with notes of vanilla bean, cream and white chocolate. One vape and this will be Valhalla for you. This is also a Prime juice, and is optimized for your high end setups and will produce huge thick clouds of mouth watering vanilla vapor.

FuZion Prime: Carefully created with dripping in mind. These items contain no dyes or sweeteners. All {Prime} bottles are 30ml.

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