FuZion Vapor - Pixie Dust

Category: candy

Type: E-Liquid

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FuZion Vapor - Pixie Dust E-Juice

The greatness of Pixie Stix, without the wet paper straw.

I love Pixie Stix… who doesn’t? Here is our version of the classic candy… Sweet, fruity and just the right amount of tartness… But don’t worry, it won’t leave your throat raw or your eyes watering. This is a very smooth vape. The draw is a sweet, light fruit inhale and the exhale has just the perfect balance of tartness and throat hit.

I can’t promise you’ll be flying out of your window after a few vapes; but this ADV will keep you coming back for more.

If you like a sweet, light fruity vape… you won’t be disappointed. Shake that ‘add to cart’ button and sprinkle some pixie dust on that atomizer!

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