HCigar Kayfun Clear Mini M-Tank Body Kit

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Kayfun Clear M-Tank by HCigar

The HCigar Kayfun Clear "M-Tank" body kit also known as an ICE set, is a direct replacement conversion for your current Kayfun atomizers. The material is made from frosted acrylic and will provide your tank to reduce weight as well as provide some visual appeal to your atomizer. The body kit consists of M-Tank, chimney, top cap and drip tip.

The clear kit is compatible with EHPro Kayfun Lite, 3.1, Lite+, HCigar Kayfun 3.1, SvoёMesto Kayfun and Tobeco versions.

1 x Drip Tip
1 x Top Cap
1 x M Tank
1 x Chimney
1 x Chimney Cap

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