HCigar Stingray Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel MOD

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HCigar Carbon Fiber and Stainless Steel Stingray MOD 


The HCigar Carbon Fiber Stingray clone is everything you could ask for when it comes to performance and functionality. The HCigar Carbon Fiber Stingray clone includes three separate battery tube sections allowing you to use an 18350, 18500, or 18650 sized batteries and a Kick may be used in all modes. When using the HCigar Carbon Fiber Stingray it is one of the smallest mechanical mods when used in 18350 mode, measuring in at a mere 2.3 inches from switch to top cap.

The HCigar Carbon Fiber Stingray top cap features an innovative atomizer venting system. The vents are created by the spaces left between the stainless steel wrap and underlying Brass. This is a very functional top cap design that also adds a stylish touch to this beautiful HCigar mod. The HCigar Stingray utilizes highly conductive silver-plated contacts to maximize output. The Stingray mod by HCigar features a floating postive pin which adjust automatically to your atomizer without adjustments, this simplies the process of using this device for any user.

The HCigar Carbon Fiber Stingray clone utilizes a magnetic, bottom-firing switch with a stainless steel locking ring. The Stingray clones switch has an extremely smooth throw and is perfect for someone who loves magnetic button mods. Not to mention the button features battery vent slits that are very subtle and stylish.


  • Stainless Steel Body With Carbon Fiber Wrap and Stainless Steel Accents
  • True Mechanical MOD - No Circuit Board
  • Laser Etched Engravings and Logo
  • Laser Etched Indivdualized Serial Number
  • 100% Copper Button Firing Pin
  • 100% Copper Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Floating Atomizer Contact Pin
  • Magnetic Button
  • Bottom Firing Button with Threaded Locking Ring
  • 3 Stainless Steel Tubes with Carbon Fiber Wrap  for 18350, 18500, and 18650 Batteries (Not Included)
  • 510 Atomizer Connection 
  • 22mm Diameter


1 x HCigar Carbon Fiber Stingray MOD with Stainless Steel Accents

1 x HCigar Gift Box

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