Joyetech C1 Type "A" Atomizer Head 5pk

Type: Tank Coil

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Joyetech C1 Type "A" Atomizer Head 5pk for eRoll, eCab, eGo-C, eGo-CC

5 Pack of genuine Joyetech Atomizer Heads can be used with eRoll, eCab, eGo-CC and eGo-C (type 'A' atomizer base and body) regardless of the labeling on the package type A will work for all. These are intended as the replacements atomizer heads for the above Starter kits.


5 x Joyetech C1 Type "A" Atomizer Head


Please note that Joyetech has always used the A type atomizer in all eCab kits prior to 2013 they now are using the B type atomizer in the kit and recommend using the B type for eCab now. In our experience both work with little difference but the B type seals a bit tighter minimizing leakage but may also cause some burnt taste until fully primed or have a harder time priming so the choice is yours both will work

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