Kanthal A-1 Resistance Wire

Type: Wire

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Kanthal A-1 Resistance Wire

A-1 Kanthal wire for rebuilding RDA and RBA coils. Kanthal A-1 wire has a higher maximum operating temperature, 1500°C, than other Kanthal wire, such as Kanthal D, which maxes out at 1300°C. It also has higher tensile strength. A-1 has high resistivity, resists wet corrosion more effectively, and has higher hot and creep strength. A-1 is the best suited Kanthal wire for rebuildable atomizers.


Available in either 30ft or 100ft rolls
Contains: approx 70% iron, .08% carbon, .7% silicon, .4% manganese , approx 22% chromium, 5.8% aluminum

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