Rulien White Pegasus Mod Clone

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White Pegasus Mod Clone by Rulien

Introducing the Pegasus Mod clone by Rulien. This Pegasus clone sets itself apart with its elegant 12-pass precision laser engravings. The Pegasus logo is engraved on the firing button and tube, and the word "Pegasus" is engraved in greek on the back of the tube. In terms of mechanics, this mechanical mod has a bottom spring-loaded firing button with a lock, a floating top pin, and an adjustable battery screw to prevent rattle. Plus, the hidden vent holes help keep your mod cool without hurting its appearance. Rulien makes some of the nicest Mod clones on the market, and this one is no exception.


  • Fully mechanical mod (No Circuit Board)
  • Copper with matte white finish
  • Copper Contact Pins
  • Bottom spring-loaded firing button
  • 12-pass precision laser engraved 
  • Engraved Pegasus logo on firing button and tube 
  • Vent holes hidden in firing mechanism 
  • Reverse-threaded locking ring 
  • Adjustable battery screw to prevent rattle
  • Engraved “Pegasus” on tube in Greek letters
  • Floating top pin
  • 510 threaded


1 x Rulien White Pegasus Mod Clone

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