SMOKTech Zmax Plum APV

Type: Variable Mod

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SMOKTech Plum Zmax APV

The Zmax is an variable voltage and variable wattage APV by SmokTech. 


  • Switch between RMS and MEAN voltage
  • Three digit display  
  • Adjust voltage from 3.0-6.0V volts in 0.1 volt increments
  • Adjust wattage from 3.0 to 15 watts in 0.5 watt increments
  • Uses 18650 battery or two stacked 18350 batteries with optional end cap (Batteries and end cap not included)
  • PCB with 4 Amperage output limit
  • Flexible 360° Turnning around button
  • 510 Threaded
  • Can display current working voltage, resistance, and wattage


1 x SMOKTech Zmax Plum APV


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